Exploring by Drawing

Conference Milan, 29. October 2020

Drawing is an architectural act.

Architectural drawings are not only instrumental to building or per se valuable, architectural drawings can be instruments in an investigation ranging from geography to archaeology to sociology. Architectural drawings can be understood as a product (a work of art, an intellectual construction) on its own, independently form their relations to buildings. Architectural drawings are a way to travel the world. As such drawings are tools in the construction of an intellectual position, they are specific objects inside of deliberate intellectual trajectories.

The production of architectural drawings can be treated as an autonomous field of investigation demanding a specific approach and developing a particular form of knowledge. The CA2RE+ MILANO ONLINE CONFERENCE explores the potentials of design driven research by investigating the work of three contemporary practices operating at the border between design and academic research. Our guests will be Keith Krumwiede (California College of Arts, San Francisco), Alex Lehnerer (Alex Lehnerer Architekten, Zurich/ TU Graz), and Martino Tattara (Dogma, Bruxelles/ KU Leuven). Together with them we will address the issue of contemporary architectural drawings as an element of design beyond their relation to the production of buildings. How can drawings be used to build up a theory of architecture? And how can drawings be used to describe and highlight an agenda architecture? How can drawings be used as tools in the making of a career?

Virtual classroom:

Exploring by Drawing
Presbyterian Church, The Western Town, A Lehnerer, 2013